Fighting zombies is dangerous business, but you don’t have to do it alone. Starting a band and playing shows is a good way to attract likeminded punks that you can recruit into your gang, crew, or posse. For every show your band plays, each band member will get one chance to recruit an audience member into their crew. In this way, you can build an army of retainers to help fight the zombie menace, flier for upcoming shows, and buy you beers.

 Forming Bands

To form a band, all members must agree on a name, commit to play a specific instrument, and agree on one ATT that best describes the Style of your music. For example, your Style might be STR if you play powerviolence, INT if you play mathcore, or DEX if your songs are especially fast

 Playing Shows

When you play a show, each band member must make a Reality Check using the Mod from the ATT proscribed by the band’s style. Don’t forget to add your instrument skill. The GM then calculates the average score for the show by adding all band members’ scores and dividing by the number of band members.   This Show Score determines the quality of the performance and the Difficulty Level of recruiting a new crew member. Your band might also get Fame points.

1-8: Shitty Show; +1 Fame; DIF 25 to recruit to your crew

9-12: Okay Show; +0 Fame; DIF 20 to recruit to your crew

13-15: Good Show; +1 Fame; DIF 15 to recruit to your crew

16-17: Great Show; +2 Fame; DIF 10 to recruit to your crew

18+: Awesome Show; +3 Fame; DIF 2 to recruit to your crew

After the show, each band member is allowed to make one Charisma Check and add their Character Level. The DL is determined by how good the show was. If you pass this check, you have successfully recruited a new Crew Member.

Crew Members

Crew Members are your friends, roadies, groupies, and bodyguards. Roll them up just like a new character, except Character Class and Alignment must be the same as the crew leader. Your Crew Members are controlled by you, so you can send them to do stuff and fight on your behalf, but if you send them on suicide missions or make them do embarrassing shit, you will find the GM demanding additional Charisma Checks.

The maximum size of your crew is equal to your Character Level + CHA Mod + Fame of your band.


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