Killing Shit

Before you kill something, you have to roll for Initiative, because maybe it will kill you first. Everyone makes a Dexterity Check (d20 +DEX Mod), and the highest score goes first.

When it’s your turn, you can attack. If you’re swinging or stabbing with a hand-to-hand weapon, make a Strength Check. If you’re aiming a ranged weapon, make a Dexterity Check. If you have the right weapon skill, add that too. The DIF is the target’s Armor Class.

If you hit, roll for damage. The damage dice is determined by the weapon being used. If it’s a hand-to-hand weapon, your Strength Modifier applies. If the target has armor with a Damage Modifier, apply that. Total Damage is subtracted from the target’s Hit Points. When HP reaches 0, you killed it.

Armor Class

Your Armor Class (AC) is based on what you’re wearing plus your DEX Mod. Some armor also reduces the damage you take.  Heavy armor does not allow you to improve AC with your DEX Mod.

 Butt Naked: AC 10

Street Clothes: AC 11

Army Jacket: AC 12

Leather Jacket: AC 13, -1 damage to arms and torso

Studded Leather Jacket: AC 14, -1 damage to arms and torso

Chainmail Shirt: AC 15, -2 damage to arms and torso

Plate Mail Suit: AC 16, -3 all damage, No Dexterity bonus to AC

Riot Gear: AC 17, -3 all damage, No Dexterity bonus to AC

Leather Pants: +0 to AC, -1 damage to legs

Skate Helmet: +0 to AC, -1 damage to head

Army Helmet: +0 to AC, -2 damage to head

Riot Helmet: +0 to AC, -3 damage to head

Shield: +1 to AC

Riot Shield: +2 to AC, No Dexterity bonus to AC

Damage Location

To see if armor reduces damage, roll d6 for damage location:

1 = Arm

2 = Leg

3 or 4 = Torso

5 = Head

6 = Attacker’s choice

Hand-To-Hand Weapon Damage

Add your Strength Modifier to all Hand-To-Hand damage.

Punch: 1


Boots: d2

Bottle: d2

Brass Knuckles: d2

Pint Glass: d2

Big Rock: d2

Pointed Stick: d2

Guitar: d3

Pocket Knife: d3

Screwdriver: d3

Skateboard: d3

Chain: d4

Club: d4

Mall Dagger: d4

Hammer: d4

Hunting Knife: d4

Pointed Stick: d4

Pry Bar: d4

Straight Razor: d4

Baseball Bat: d6

Crowbar: d6

Cleaver: d6

Hatchet: d6

Machete: d6

Short Sword: d6

Axe: d8

Sledgehammer: d8

Spear: d8

Sword: d8

Huge Sword: d10

Chainsaw: d12

Ranged Weapon Damage & Long Range

Ranged weapons receive -2 To Hit modifier at Long Range.

Rock: 1, 25-50′

Big Rock: d2, 25-50′

Bottle: d2, 25-50′

Brick: d2, 25-50′

Throwing Star: d2, 25-75′

Throwing Knife: d3, 25-75′

Slingshot BB: d4, 75-150′

Toy Bow: d4, 24-75′

Molotov: d6, 25-50′

Hunting Bow: d8, 100-200′

Crossbow: d8, 120-240′

.22 Pistol: d8, 300-600′

9mm Pistol: d10, 300-600′

.45 Pistol: d12, 300-600′

MAC-10: d12 x3 shots per turn, 400-800′

Uzi: d12 x3 shots per turn, 400-800′

AK-47: 2d8 x3 shots per turn, 450-900′

M16: 2d8 x3 shots per turn, 450-900′

Hunting Rifle: 2d10, 500-1000′

Sniper Rifle: 2d10, 500-1000′

Shotgun: 2d10, 1d10 at long range, 50-100′ with no To Hit penalty

Hand Grenade: 4d6, 25-50′


Injured and hung over punks heal at a rate of +1 per day. This applies to Hit Points and all damaged Attributes. In a hospital, you can recover +2 points per day. Luck and Sanity do not heal.


Luck points are used to reverse the GM’s dice rolls retroactively. Immediately after he rolls and announces the result, you can spend one point of Luck to reverse his success or failure. This allows you to escape death when the GM tries to kill you but does not allow you to alter your own dice rolls. Luck points are hard to come by and can only be gained with dangerous drugs or magic, so don’t waste them.


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