Zombies hate the taste of drunk people.  If your Intoxication (Intox) score is higher than a zombie’s Hunger score, it will ignore you and go eat a Straight Edger instead.  Increase your Intox by +1 for each beer that you drink.  If you are already drunk, you will need to make drink rolls.  Your Intox naturally loses -1 point per hour unless you’re still drinking.

There are three stages of intoxication: Buzzed, Drunk, and Wasted.  Your Hardcore Attribute will determine how many beers it takes to reach each stage.

Intoxication Chart

If you are Buzzed, no drinking roll is needed to add +1 to your Intox, but once you reach Drunk a Hardcore Check is needed for each beer drank.  For example, an average person with HXC 10 can drink four beers without rolling but must pass a drinking roll for each beer starting with the fifth.

Drunk Chart

1-3: Puke (-1 Intox) & Pass Out

4-5: Puke (-1 Intox)

6-8: No Intox gain

9-18:+1 Intox

19-20: +2 Intox

Wasted Chart

1-3: Black Out

4-5: Puke (-1 Intox) & Pass Out

6-8: Puke (-1 Intox)

9-12:No Intox gain

13-15: +1 Intox

16-18: +2 Intox

19-20: Black Out

Intoxication Modifiers

While you’re Buzzed you suffer a -1 modifier on all Dexterity Checks.

While you’re Drunk you suffer -2 modifiers on all DEX and Intelligence Checks

While you’re Wasted you suffer -3 modifiers on all DEX, INT and Charisma Che ks.


Your hangover depends on the highest stage of intoxication reached the night before.  If you got Buzzed, there’s no measurable damage.  If you got Drunk, take -1 damage to all Attributes.  If you got Wasted, take -2 damage to all Attributes.

Beer Equivalency

Beers Equivalency


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