Vegan split-class

Alignment: Neutral  (Ignore Alignment of second class)

Hit Dice: d8  (Ignore Hit Dice of second class)

Attributes: -1 Strength  (In addition to adjustments from second class)

Starting Skills: Detect Non-Vegan +1 (In addition to skills/spells from second class)

Starting Possession: Determined by second class

Vegans do not eat or use animals products of any kind: No meat, no dairy, no eggs, no leather, no wool. Does honey count? Prepare to debate all night. Vegans will tout the positive effects of the dietary regime on their Hit Dice, but their Strength is slightly lower, on average, because the lifestyle attracts more skinny intellectuals than meat-head body builders. Their dedication to their cause of compassion for the living means they are not the ones to call if you’re organizing a traditional beat-down, but when your target is zombies or the undead, call a vegan.

The Vegan split-class must be combined with another character class (e.g. Vegan Gutter Punk, Vegan Straight Edger) and is treated as a single character class an extra Class Skill, Detect Non-Vegan. A Vegan’s Hit Dice is d8, ignoring that of the second class. This effectively toughens Hardcore Punks, Goths, Gutter Punks, Peace Punks, and Skaters while having no effect on Straight Edgers, who already eat their vegetables, and penalizing Skinheads, who say spinach is a myth.

Vegans may not wear leather armor such as leather jackets. They don’t receive Punk Points for an encounter in which a living animal or person is slain, and they get only half points if any animal or person is injured, but they get extra points for slaying the undead. Achievements are determined by the second class, but you cannot collect these Punk Points if it involves harming the living.


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