Straight Edger

Straight Edger

Alignment: Lawful or Chaotic

Hit Dice: d8

Attributes: +1All Attributes

Starting Skills:

  • Choose one: Bat +1, Boots +1, Intimidate +1, Punch +1, or Read +1

Starting Possessions: Roll d4

1 = None

2 or 3 = Boots (d2 damage)

4 = Boots and Baseball Bat (d2 & d6 damage)

Straight Edgers don’t drink, don’t smoke, and don’t do drugs. The natural result of this clean living is called The Edge and accounts for a general increase across all Attributes. For some, this is a personal choice, but for other Straight Edgers it is a sacred calling, so don’t think they won’t spill your beer with a baseball bat. The undead find them delicious, but like their kin the Vegan, they can bring the righteousness of an underdog cause down like a hammer upon their foes. In other words, they get their fun kicking ass, not smoking grass.

Straight Edgers’ Intoxication is always 0 due to their sober lifestyle, and they may not learn Drink skill or any drug-related skills.

Favorite Bands:  Minor Threat, Youth of Today, 7 Seconds, Crucial Youth, Uniform Choice, Gorilla Biscuits

Minor Achievement: Display the X

Major Achievement:  Destroy Drugs and Alcohol


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