Alignment: Lawful or Chaotic

Hit Dice: d10

Attributes: +1 Strength, and -2 Intelligence

Starting Skills:

  • Boots +1
  • Punch +1
  • Choose one: Bat +1, Drink +1, Intimidate +1, Knife +1, or Speed +1

Starting Possessions: Roll d6

1 = Boots (d2 damage)

2 = Boots and Army Jacket (d2 damage & AC 12)

3 = Boots and Bottle of Beer (d2 & d2 damage)

4 = Boots and Brass Knuckles (d2 & d2 damage)

5 = Boots and Knife (d2 & d4 damage)

6 = Boots and Baseball Bat (d2 & d6 damage)

Feared for their strength, not intellect, the mighty skinhead is an expert in violence. Skinheads live to start fights and cause a bother. When you need a street soldier to vanquish your enemies, you can’t have too many skinheads. With their boots and shaved heads, these working-class goons turn into goofballs whenever the DJ puts on some ska or 60s Soul. But if you confuse them with their arch enemies, the nazi boneheads, and it’ll be your head they dance on tonight.

Favorite Bands: The Business, The Oppressed, Anti-Heroes, Cockney Rejects, 4 Skins, Agnostic Front, Hard Skin

Minor Achievement:  Start Fistfight

Major Achievement:  Win Fistfight


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