Skills List

The Hardcore Punk class starts with one skill +1 from this list. Upon rising in level, all punks may learn a new skill +1 from this list or they may choose to increase a known skill by +1.  Straight Edgers get two different Skills +1 per level, but they may not be combined.

Bass:  Playing bass guitar or using it as a weapon

Bat:  Using a baseball bat as a weapon

Bike:  Using a bicycle as a weapon, to do tricks, or to ride quickly

Boots:  Kicking as a weapon

Busk:  Begging for change while playing an instrument

Chain:  Using a length of chain as a weapon

Crack:  Smoking crack without harm

Detect Non-Vegan:  Detect non-vegan ingredients or guess a subject’s diet (Vegans Only)

Drink:  Drinking alcohol without puking

Drive:  Driving a car, truck, or van

Drink and Drive:  Driving while intoxicated without harm

Drums:  Playing drums

Dumpster Dive:  Scrounging useful stuff in piles of garbage

Guitar:  Playing guitar or using it as a weapon

Heroin:  Doing heroin without harm

Hop Trains:  Stealing rides

Hotwire:  Stealing cars

Intimidate:  Using implied violence to get your way

Knife:  Using a knife as a weapon

Lie:  Telling lies without detection

Motorcycle:  Riding a motorcycle

Panhandle:  Begging for change

Pick Locks:  Opening locks with tools

Punch:  Punching as a weapon

Read:  Finding useful information in books and libraries

Resist Filth:  Resisting filth, sewage, disease, and toxic waste

Resist Arrest:  Resisting pepper spray and tear gas, and getting out of handcuffs

Run:  Running quickly and/or for a long distance

Shoplift:  Stealing from stores without detection

Skate:  Using a skateboard as a weapon, to do tricks, or to ride quickly

Slingshot:  Aiming a slingshot

Sneak:  Moving quietly

Surf:  Surfing ocean waves, bro

Speed:  Doing amphetamines without harm

Tattoo and Pierce:  Giving cool tattoos and piercings to yourself or others

Vocals:  Singing and/or screaming into a microphone

Other Weapons:  The use of a specific weapon (pistol, chainsaw, numb-chucks, etc.  Requires GM’s approval)

Personality Skills

A Personality Skill is a unique, one-of-a-kind skill that characterizes the punk who has it. Each character gets one, and no two may be the same. Personality Skills are always +3 and can never be increased. They must be narrowly defined enough that they won’t come into play more than once an adventure. To write a new Personality Skill, start with one Attribute in mind and add three defining elements. Then, submit it to the GM for final approval.  Here are a few examples that you cannot use for your character (Write your own!):

Smash Car Window With Rock +3

Break Nose of Nazi Skinhead +3

Aim At Windows From Moving Skateboard +3

Throw Keg Through Window Without Hitting Bystanders +3

Quote Bakunin At Length While Drunk +3

Knowledge Of 80s Straight Edge Bands +3

Seduce Gay Ex-Mormons +3

Lie To Cops About Stolen Property+3

Not Puke Jaeger While Chugging From Coffee Mug+3

Eat Dumpstered Meat Without Getting Food Poisoning +3

Class Skills

Class Skills are increased automatically by rising in character level, so the skill level is always equal to character level. For example, every 3rd level Skinhead has the skill Boots +3. Class Skills cannot be increased in other ways.

Hardcore Punk: Drink

Goth: None

Gutter Punk: Resist Filth

Peace Punk: Resist Arrest

Skater: Skate

Skinhead: Boots

Straight Edger: None

Vegan: Detect Non-Vegan

Drug Skills

There are three drug-related skills that can have a negative score: Crack, Heroin, and Speed.  Your drug skill is lowered by -1 permanently anytime you get a 1 on a drug roll.  A negative drug skill indicates addiction.


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