Punk Points

Characters collect Punk Points during play to represent their experience level.  Doing stuff like smashing zombies will always get you the most points, and when you’ve accumulated enough, your Level increases, giving you more Hit Points and Skills.  Points are received as immediate gratification and are meant to encourage players to attack zombies, get into tense situations, and generally be interesting.

The fastest way to accumulate Punk Points is by surviving danger. If you can get yourself into a dangerous situation and survive, you get points based on how hard it was to get out alive.  The exact value in Punk Points for any individual encounter is decided after the battle is over, and basically, if one of the punks dies or gets hurt, then everyone is going to get points.

Very Easy: The punks suffered no significant damage and/or expended minimal resources.  There was no risk of death.  No Punk Points.

Easy: The punks took some damage or expended resources, but there was a low risk of death.  100 Punk Points.

Medium: The punks took damage or expended significant resources, and there was an actual risk of death.  200 Punk Points.

Difficult: The punks took significant and near-fatal damage.  There was a high risk of death.  300 Punk Points.

Extra Difficult: The punks suffered one or more deaths.  400 Punk Points.



Punks’ Alignment show their basic loyalties in the cosmic battle between law and chaos. This affects the number of Punk Points received for battling foes.

The Lawful respect the rules of society and are the most likely to call a cop “Sir”. They are penalized for fighting with other Lawfuls (-50%) and receive a bonus for battling Chaotics (+10%).

The Chaotic think rules are made to be broken and are the most likely to call a cop “Pig”. They receive a bonus for battling Lawfuls (+10%) but no penalty for battling other Chaotics.

The Neutral have no stake in the battle between law and chaos. They may enjoy the spectacle but have no favorites and receive no adjustments. Goths and Vegans are always Neutral.



If any Living human or animal is harmed by a vegan or a vegan’s friends, the vegan receives only half as many Punk Points for the encounter. Worse yet, if any Living animal or human is killed (vivisectionists excluded, of course), the vegan receives no Punk Points for the encounter. If at least one undead is slain in the encounter, a bonus of +10% Punk Points is awarded to the vegan. If both the living are and the undead are slain, fuck, I don’t know, make something up.



There are other ways to get smaller, individual awards of Punk Points.  Your character class assigns a Minor Accomplishment worth 5 Punk Points and a Major Accomplishment worth 10 Punk Points.  These can be awarded once per gaming session.  Other accomplishments are available to any class, such as getting tattoos and slamming in the pit.  Here’s another chart:


Increasing Character Level

A punk rises in character level upon receiving enough Punk Points.

First Level: 0-999 Punk Points

Second Level: 1000-2999 Punk Points

Third Level: 3000-5999 Punk Points

Increasing in level gives several immediate bonuses:

  • Roll an additional Hit Dice and add it to your Hit Point maximum
  • Increase your Class Skill by +1
  • Learn a new skill +1 or increase an existing skill by +1 (Straight Edgers get two skills)
  • If you’re Goth, you learn one new spell from the new level

At 3rd level, characters also receive a permanent increase of +1 to any one Attribute of their choice. At 4th level, punks retire from zombie killing to become doctors and lawyers.


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