Alignment: Chaotic

Hit Dice: d6

Attributes: +1 Dexterity, and -1 Intelligence

Starting Skills:

  • Skate +1
  • Run +1
  • Choose one: Bike +1, Drink +1, Drive +1, or Surf +1

Starting Possessions: Roll d4

1 = Skateboard (d3 damage)

2 = Skateboard and Bottle of Beer (d3 & d2 damage)

3 = Skateboard and Helmet (d3 damage & -1 damage to head)

4 = Skateboard and Pocket Knife (d3 & d3 damage)

True skateboarders are born to skate. The city is their playground where they shred and grind. Quick on their feet, they can turn their transportation into a weapon or use it to outmaneuver the enemy. Skaters are attracted to illegal areas and anywhere skating is prohibited, because there’s nowhere better to thrash. Ollies, kickflips, nose grab tail drags — Skaters knows what that shit means and are willing to die trying.

Favorite Bands: Agent Orange, Gang Green, Suicidal Tendencies, JFA, Drunk Injuns, RKL, Bad Religion, Agression,

Minor Achievement:  Skate

Major Achievement:  Skateboard Trick


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