Peace Punk

Peace Punk

Alignment: Chaotic

Hit Dice: d6

Attributes: +1 Intelligence, and -1 Strength

Starting Skills:

  • Resist Arrest +1
  • Read +1
  • Choose one: Dumpster Dive +1, Run +1, Shoplift +1, Slingshot +1, or Sneak +1

Starting Possessions: Roll d8

1 = Gas Mask

2 = Army Jacket (AC 12)

3 = Bottle of Beer (d2 damage)

4 = Boots (d2 damage)

5 = Slingshot (d3 damage)

6 = Pocket Knife (d3 damage)

7 = Pry Bar (d4 damage)

8 = Crow Bar (d6 damage)

The Peace Punk, also known as the Anarcho-Punk, is a punk rocker with a political agenda. They want to smash the state and hang the last priest with the guts of the last CEO. Yet, despite their talk of insurrection and revolution, the Peace Punks are better at avoiding conflict than facing it. Vandalism and sabotage are their signature, and even Vegan Peace Punks of pacifist inclinations have no ethical objection to burning down the banks. Disrespecting authority figures and politically motivated vandalism give them their street cred, but they also know how to read.

Favorite Bands:  Crass, Conflict, Reagan Youth, MDC, Discharge, Disrupt, Subhumans, Rudimentary Peni

Minor Achievement:  Question Authority

Major Achievement:  Direct Action


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