New Punks

First, you need to make a character.  Actually, you need to make two characters, because you aren’t going to live very long in a world full of undead horrors.  If you have a second character all ready to go, you won’t mind so much if you get addicted to crack or attack a mob of zombie cops barehanded.  Live fast, die young, roll up another character.

  1. Roll Attributes: Roll 3d6 for each Attribute in order from Strength to Hardcore.  Do not change the order of your rolls, and do not throw out low rolls.  (Don’t worry, if your rolls are shitty you’ll get extra Luck points.  If your character still sucks, good, that means you’ll take lots of suicidal risks during the game.)
  2. Choose Character Class: You may choose Hardcore Punk, Goth, Gutter Punk, Peace Punk, Skater, Skinhead, or Straight Edger.  You may be Vegan if you want.  Choose a class that you don’t identify with personally as per the ancient RPG adage “Don’t play yourself!”  If this is not your first character, choose a class different from your last character.  See the class descriptions menu and apply the one-time permanent Attribute adjustments.
  3. Choose Skills (or Spells): See your class description to find which skills or spells you start with.
  4. Possessions: You begins with street clothes, d6 dollars in your pocket, and one item from your class Starting Possessions chart.
  5. Luck: The total of your five ATT Modifiers will tell you how many Luck Points you get: -4 or worse gets 5 Luck, -3 gets 4 Luck, -2 gets 3 Luck, -1 gets 2 Luck, +0 gets 1 Luck, and +1 or better gets zero.
  6. Tolerance: Your tolerance to alcohol is determined by your Hardcore.  It won’t matter until you find some beer, so you can look it up then in the section on drinking alcohol.
  7. Hit Points: Start with your maximum Hit Points, which is equal to the highest number on your Hit Dice, plus your HXC Mod.
  8. Armor Class: Starting Armor Class is 11, plus DEX Mod.  If you have an army jacket, it’s 12 plus DEX Mod.
  9. Age: You’re probably 15+d10 years old.  If that’s 21 or older, you have ID.
  10. Living Situation:  To determine where you live roll d6, adding +1 if you’re Lawful and subtracting -1 if you’re Chaotic.  A 1 or 2 means you’re homeless, 3 or 4 means you live with your parents for now, and 5 or 6 means you have a minimum wage job and rent a shitty room somewhere.
  11. Write Personality Skill: Invent a unique skill that only this character has.  See “Personality Skills” in the Skills section.  Or put it off until the game starts.
  12. Name your punk and sketch a portrait or tag.

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