An Introduction

Zombies Are Real

The secret is out: Most people are zombies. The undead walk among us, and society is too stupid to notice or too drunk to care. Yeah, shocking. There are so many zombies it seems like you and me are the only real people left alive. Except it’s not a cannibal holocaust. That would be much more fun. The horrible truth of the matter is the zombies are already here mowing their lawns and bitching about their taxes. Zombie cops, zombie teachers, zombie preachers. Zombie bosses, zombie taxmen, zombie capitalists. Zombie clerks, zombie gas station attendants, zombie homeless guy out back begging for a chance to bite your face off. Society is rotten to the core, dude. It kinda want makes you wanna shave your hair into a Mohawk, don a pair of boots and a studded leather jacket with a Misfits back-patch, and start hammering nails into a baseball bat. The only good zombie is a dead one, and since they’re already dead, this is the kind of mad violence even the vegans and peace punks can get in on. Killing zombies is a virtue, not a vice. Destroying zombie civilization is a duty. Your duty.

Danzig Was Right

The world is full of undead horror and supernatural terrors. Glenn Danzig, lyricist for the Misfits, was receiving telepathic transmissions from outer space from 1976 to 1982. All of his lyrics were the truth, either here or on some other planet or dimension or plane of existence. Night Of The Living Dead, Ghoul’s Night Out, Braineaters. Not only did Danzig expose the undead among us, he prophesized the existence of demons, vampires, and martians. For Danzig, Lux Interior, and many other social rebels of the day, the psychic wave of cosmic radioactive propaganda proved to be a great inspiration to their work.. Every classic punk band from the 70s and 80s has at least one “true” song derived from a clairvoyant dream, drug-induced hallucination, or even a personal experience with a monster from space. And they all had the foresight to print their lyrics. Now, forewarned and forearmed, it is time of the working class heroes and the troops of tomorrow, the punks and skaters, the straight edgers and crusties; they are ready to smash zombie scum, kill vampires fearlessly, and save the world by starting the long-awaited apocalypse.


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