Gutter Punk

Gutter Punk

Alignment: Chaotic

Hit Dice: d6

Attributes: +1 Hardcore, and -1 Charisma

Starting Skills:

  • Resist Filth +1
  • Choose one: Busk +1, Dumpster Dive +1, Hop Trains +1, Panhandle +1, or Shoplift +1
  • Choose one: Crack +1, Drink +1, Heroin +1, or Speed +1

Starting Possessions: Roll d8

1 = Brick (d2 damage)

2 = Bottle of Beer (d2 damage)

3 = Boots (d2 damage)

4 = Piece of Rebar (d3 damage)

5 = Pocket Knife (d3 damage)

6 = Kitchen Knife (d3 damage)

7 = Short Metal Pipe (d3 damage)

8 = Long Metal Pipe (d4 damage)

Life in the gutter has made the Gutter Punk harder than hard and filthier than filth. Sometimes called Crusties, these homeless anti-heroes survive by scrounging through dumpsters, begging for change, and shoplifting from mom and pop. They are often on drugs, and not the good kinds. These parasites hope to destroy their host, society, by refusing to work or bathe. Doing drugs and drinking stolen beer is their chosen career. Hopping trains is their preference. To eat shit – and live! – is their ultimate ambition.

Favorite Bands: GG Allin, Dayglo Abortions… hmm, anyone have suggestions here?

Minor Achievement:  Steal Beer

Major Achievement:  Do Drugs


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