Alignment: Neutral

Hit Dice: d6

Attributes: -1 Strength per starting spell

Starting Spells:

Choose up to 5 First Level spells: Brew Potion, Charm, Curse, Darkness, Feign Death, Glamour, Infravision, Magic Shield, Name Familiar, Praise Satan, Precognition, Scare, Talk To Demon, and/or Talk To Ghost

Starting Possessions: Roll d6

1= Pepper Spray (Save vs Pain)

2 = Dangerous Jewelry (d2 damage)

3 = Boots (d2 damage)

4 = Pocket Knife (d3 damage)

5 = Mall Dagger (d4 damage)

6 = Mall Sword (d6 damage)

These punks think everyday is Halloween. They prefer a black, morbid, medieval aesthetic. Their preference for the night and shadow results in a pale, malnourished countenance that could only be feared for its insidious intellect, not its physical brawn. Due to their natural inclination to the dark and the dark arts, many Goths claim to have discovered arcane magical powers, though knowledge of these supernatural secrets is guarded jealously by the Elder Goths. Everyone else thinks “magic” is just a code word for all the LSD they are on. Goths may start with up to five 1st Level spells but permanently loses -1 Strength for each spell, the cosmic toll for dabbling in the dark arts or possibly the endless hours spent in a closet tripping on acid.

Favorite Bands: Siouxsie Sioux, Joy Division, The Cramps, The Damned, Bauhaus, Christian Death, 45 Grave

Minor Achievement:  Blaspheme

Major Achievement:  Cast Spell


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