Hardcore Punk


Alignment: Chaotic

Hit Dice: d6

Attributes: +1 Hardcore

Starting Skills:

  • Drink +1
  • Choose one from the Skills List

Starting Possessions: Roll d6

1 = Army Jacket (AC 12)

2 = Boots (d2 damage)

3 = Pocket Knife (d3 damage)

4 = Skateboard (d3 damage)

5 = Chain (d4 damage)

6 = Switchblade (d4 damage)

True Hardcore Punks are born to thrash. They slam, spit, drink, and fight. They hate society and fuck authority. Some appear in 80s TV shows wearing safety pins and chains. Others wear their punk on the inside. Punk is an adjective that can be attached to any genre, corrupting it with its corrosive message of chaos and rebellion. Parents, teachers, and cops are their natural enemies. The street is their native habitat. Punk rock and beer are their diet. Shoplifting and vandalism are their natural mode of self expression.

Favorite Bands: Circle Jerks, Bad Brains, Black Flag, The Exploited, Dead Kennedys, The Misfits, Anarchy 6

Minor Achievement:  Shock Society

Major Achievement:  Do Crimes


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